The need for Career Counselling in the present scenario
Whether it is the selection of stream after 10th grade, choosing an ideal college major after 12th, or finding a career path after graduation, discussions about such topics relating to careers have become commonplace. Also, with overseas education becoming a popular trend, often students are confused about whether to study in India or abroad. Unfortunately, due to lack of proper guidance, they arrive at career decisions based on anecdotal information or peer pressure, often steering them in the wrong direction. In this maze, an experienced and well-qualified career counsellor who has in-depth knowledge of career counselling process, psychometric testing, test preparation, and study abroad consulting, could play a vital role by helping students discover their real potential and directing them towards the right career path. Remember, while a good decision at the right point of time can make an individual’s career journey smooth, a wrong one can bring about distress. If you are embroiled in a similar situation, you’ve knocked on the right door!

Why is Career Counselling process sometimes not very fruitful?
The career evaluation process involves completing a battery of psychometric tests, which are a standard and scientific method used to measure the unnoticed skills that are extremely hard to assess during a face to face interview. A career counsellor then evaluates the test results. However, when the tests employed are substandard, the testing process becomes unproductive. The same is true when the results are misconstrued, more likely when a counsellor is either inexperienced or unqualified.

What sets Global Careers apart from the rest?
Career Counselling Service of Global Careers is meticulously designed to help students, and future professionals set a career direction with confidence. Breaking from the common practice of using local or unbranded sub-standard tests, we employ a battery of globally renowned psychometric instruments such as MBTI, DAT, Holland codes etc used by the career centres of distinguished universities, including, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge etc. to identify the personality and interest of the candidates as well as assess their aptitude. The results enable our experienced and qualified counsellors to dig deep to understand you as a person, your background, your passions, and your career ambitions.

Manish Mittal, Chief Counsellor, and Director, with a profound understanding of these psychometric tests, has successfully guided thousands of clients not only from Surat but also from all part of India in his career to date.


The entire counselling process helps you in the following ways:

  1. The assessment is a reliable and an objective method to evaluate your decision regarding your career path.It may even introduce you to career options, which you may have never explored.
  2. It helps you to avoid spending unnecessary time, effort and money in pursuing careers that are not meant for you; you make your educational and training investments wisely.
  3. It is an excellent guide for evaluating and learning more about you.
  4. It provides you with aframework to proactively plan for your future career and set goals and objectives.



How reliable are the tests and the results?

The tests employed are globally recognised and constructed by experienced psychometrician and psychologists. Complete information about the tests is provided above. The result is assessed by Mr Manish Mittal, an experienced and certified counsellor. Please peruse his profile on the homepage to learn more about him.

When should you take it?

You can take a psychometric test at any point in your life regardless of which stage you are at in your career. This can prove useful to you whether you are a high school student, a college or a university student, graduate, jobseeker or an established professional.

What is the eligibility criterion?

A student can take the Aptitude Test, only if he has completed 8th grade or is at least 13 years old. MBTI (Personality test) could be attempted by only those who are at least 14 years old.

What kind of preparation is required before attempting these tests?

No preparation is required. It is just an assessment that brings out your innate strengths and weaknesses. However, to ensure best results, while taking the test you must be honest and stress-free.

What if my scores are low?

It is important to remember that low, average, and high scores on a personality test or interest questionnaire are neither intrinsically good nor bad. However, the results of your aptitude test depict how you did in the tests compared with others who have taken the test. During the counselling session, we will explain to you what your results mean, and how an understanding can help you in choosing a career.

How long does it take to complete the testing and get the final results?

The entire procedure generally takes one to two weeks. The student needs to visit our centre twice to take the tests following which he or she attends a presentation that helps him to self-assess his or her personality. Once the results are prepared, the student along with his or her guardian is called to discuss the results.

Note: In the case of an emergency, you may opt for our premium service., which allows you to complete the entire procedure in 3 working days.