You're in Competent Hands

Many students fail to clear the visa process due to poor preparation. We help you to prepare all the visa documentation required by the visa Consulate and train you to answer all the questions that visa authorities might ask in case you are called for a visa interview. Students benefit from our expertise in Visa counseling. Our mock interviews and checklists ensure that the student has won the battle even before it has started.


Pre-departure Orientation

This is in the form of detailed information on international air travel, foreign exchange, and practical details such as medical and food supplies to be taken, housing arrangements, insurance and information about the city you will be going to. If warranted, we would also inform the University of the Student’s Travel Plans and request the university to assist the student in settling and provide a smooth transition.

In short, Global Careers has the expertise and service oriented attitude to tailor package especially made for an individual aspiring for higher education abroad.