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Many moons ago, in 2000, Global Careers was established with an aim to provide reliable and holistic guidance to students and professionals desirous of studying further, either in India or abroad.  A leading educational consultant in the region, we maintain an illustrious record of advising, and mentoring candidates for universities that are globally recognized.

Over the years, we’ve changed the nameplate, the infrastructure, and the address, but the commitment to provide honest guidance to our students and clients still permeates all aspects of our profession. We truly believe that a satisfied student is our best advertisement.

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Manish Mittal


The decision to embark upon a global career is ultimately in your hands; we can however ensure that the choice you make is an informed one

With almost two decades of experience, Manish Mittal, the founder of Global Careers, believes that counselling is his calling. His profound understanding of Career Counselling, Study Abroad Consulting, and Test Preparation makes him a highly trusted professional, and a  sought after counsellor.

Manish also serves as a career advisor at reputed schools in town.  In the course of his tenure, he has guided thousands of students, with varied profiles, and continues to do so. Manish’s  counselees are pursuing higher education and professions in various parts of the globe and would vouch for the fact that he works to bring the most comprehensive, personalized, and compassionate educational consulting solutions to his clientele.

Latest News & Events

MBTI Career Counselling Presentation
11:30 am - 1:30 am
Global Careers, Surat, India
Career Counselling Seminar
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Global Careers, Surat, India

GC News

Many Congratulations

VISA/admission to reputed US Univ, Fall 2017
Nikhil Fatehpuria – Univ Of California, Berkeley – Bachelors in General Studies
Aashna Agarwal – Univ of California, Los Angeles – MS Computer Science
Priyal Suneja – University Of California, Los Angeles – MS Computer Science
Manan Vasani – Duke University – MS Engineering Management
Kabir Patel – University of California, Irvine – BS Physics
Nayan Gokhru – Babson College – MBA Finance & Entrepreneurship
Shubhangi Yadav – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities – BS Economics
Niomi Shah – Columbia University, GSAPP – Masters in Architecture
Kavya Vaidya – University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign – BS Physics
Binal Modi – New York University – MS Computer Science
Lakshya Kejriwal – Indiana Univ, Kelly School of Business – Bachelors in Business Admin
Mihika Patel – Texas A&M University, College Station – Masters in Architecture
Ishan Podar – Rutgers University, The State Univ of NJ – BS Biological Sciences
Pooja Shah – Ohio State University – MS Finance
Chelsi Gondalia – University of Wisconsin, Madison – BS Chemical Engineering
Ashutosh Garg – University of Florida, Gainsville – MS Computer Science
Janvi Patel – Univ of Massachusetts, Lowell – BS Biological Studies
Supriya Iyer – Arizona State University – MS Computer Science
Prapti Desai – California State University, Long Beach – BS Dietetics
Javdevsinh Atodaria – Iowa State University- Master’s in Urban Design (RA & Scholarship)
Parantap Sinha – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities – BS Biological Science
Dhaval Sawlani – Stevens Institute of Technology – MS Data Science
Kabir Kabaria – University of Indianapolis – BS Bio-Chemistry
Utkarsh Chouhan – New Jersey Institute of Technology – MS Computer Science
Kushal Kapadia – Arizona State University – MS Applied Statistics
Ritvik Poddar – Indiana University, Kelly School of Business – BS Finance
Surbhi Nahata – Oregon State University – MS Environmental Science
Rushil Patel – University of Tampa – Masters in International Business
Hussain Kalavadwala – University of Houston – BS Biology
Rashi Sonsakia – University of North Carolina, Charlotte – Masters in Urban Design
Ali Kalavadwala – University of Houston – BS Mechanical Engineering
Yash Shah – Univ of Texas, Arlington – MS Computer Science
Dharmin Parekh – Philadelphia University – MS Construction Management
Parth Shah – University of Wisconsin, Madison – BS Computer Science
Mrunal Vansadia – Indiana University, Bloomington – BS Business Studies
Ishita Garg – Univ of Illinois, Chicago – MS Computer Systems Analysis
Kshitij Jariwala – Ohio State University – BS Finance
Richa Gotecha  – Univ of Massachusetts – BS Civil Engineering
Surbhi Bansal – Univ of Massachusetts – MS Energy Engineering

VISA/admission to reputed US Univ, Spring 2018
Dhruvi Desai – University of Arizona – BS in Business Management
Urdhavi Gami – Arizona State University – BA in Fashion & Apparel Design
Isma Mehraj – Illinois Institute of Technology – MS Civil Engineering
Sahil Desai – University of Arizona – BS Computer Science
Shubham Mehta – University of Wisconsin Madison – Bachelor in Computer Eng.
Shivani Agarwal – Columbia University – MS Architecture & Urban Design

VISA/admission to top ranked US Universities – Others
Dhruv G. – UIUC – BS Ind. Engineering
Malav Patel – Boston University – MS Epidemiology
Komal M. – NYC – MS. Biotech
Nejav Shah – Univ. of Missouri – MS Comp. Science
Saulabhya Mundra – Penn State Univ – BS Industrial Engineering

VISA/admission to top ranked Canada Universities
Prashant Bagga – University of Waterloo – BSc. Nanotechnology
Vatsalya Tola – Univ of Toronto – Bachelors in Business Administration
Aakash Nandi – Mc.Gill University – MSc. Computer
Shaan Rathod – Univ of Toronto – BSc. Biological Science
Riddhi Dangi – Simon Fraser Univ – BSc. Mechatronics
Sneh Chauhan – Univ of Toronto – BSc. Biological Science
Alpesh Mitra – Lakehead University – Msc. Mechanical Engineering
Dhruvin Vekariya – Univ. of Toronto – BS in Mathematics

VISA/admission to top ranked Canada Universities – Others
Samiksha N. – McGill Univ – BS Liberal Arts
Prachi Patel – Saskatchewan Univ – BSc. Software
Karan Tailor – Seneca College – PGD Env. Tech.
Ankit Kansara – Univ. of Dalhousie – MSc. Comp.

VISA/admission to top ranked UK Universities
Anuja Dandvate – Le Cordon Bleu – Diploma de Patisserie
Kritika Mohata – Aston University – MSc. Strategic Marketing Management
Manhil Borana – Brunel University – BSc. (Hons) Business Mgmt. & Mktg
Rajvi Sutaria – University of Southampton – Bachelors in Business Management
Kishan Patel – City University of London – MSc. Construction Management
Sejal Bansal – The Univ of Warwick – MSc. Economics & Intl. Financial Engg.
Aditi Arya – Univ. College of London – BSc. Bio-Chemistry
Dr. Nagesh Desai – Univ. of Dundee – Masters in Orthopedic Surgery
Arpit Kanodia – Univ of Aberdeen – MSc. International Business
Himanshu Ramani – Univ of Southampton – MSc. Marketing Management
Mudit Arora – Brunel University – MSc. Finance & Accounting
Robin Doshi – Brunel Univ – BSc. (Hons) Business Management
Samarth Arya – Univ Of Manchester – MSc. International Business
Nischal Ahuja – Coventry Univ. London – MBA Global Business
Devika Tayal – Queen Mary Univ of London – Masters in English
Ashutosh Jalan – Brunel University – MSc. Management
Aarsh Shah – Swansea University – BSE in Medical Genetics
Dhwani Khanna – Brunel University – MSc. Business Intelligence & Social Media

VISA/admission to top ranked Singapore Universities
Nidhi Agarwal – Curtin Univ. Singapore – Masters in International Business
Jay Kabutarwala – Curtin Univ. Singapore – B.Com (Business)
Vikas Choudhary – MDIS, Univ of Sunderland – Masters in Business Administration
Harsh Goel – Amity University – Masters in Business
Divyesh Ambaliya – Curtin University – Bachelor of Commerce in Logistics & Supply Chain & Mngt.



GRE Achievers

Vasudev Patel – 334
Radhu Marradia – 327
Dishant Desai – 327
Ashutosh Garg – 325
Chinmay Shah – 324
Siddharth Rudani – 323
Anuj Chheda – 323
Ambuj N – 321
Rujal Desai – 321
Vivek Roongta – 321
Jaisalraj T – 320
Shanmukh Sarode – 320
Shrusti Veluvolu – 319
Puja Mangukia – 318
Payal Somani – 318
Dhawal Sawlani – 317
Akash Sarang – 317
Jenil Shah – 317
Anavi Kaushik – 316
Karan G. – 316
Asif Bareja – 316
Dhiraj Swami – 316
Kirtan J – 316
Binal Modi – 315
Yash Bharodia – 315
Samarth Patel – 315
Pooshan Vyas – 315
Nejav Shah – 315
Yash Bharodia – 315
Samarth Patel – 315
Pooshan Vyas – 315
Nejav Shah – 315
Asif A Bareja – 316
Surbhi Nahata – 311
Karan Gajwani – 316
Arth Talati – 318
Sapan Patel – 321
Tarun Tojwani – 324


GMAT Achievers

Raj Panjwani – 700
Ayushi Agarwal – 700
Yash Roongta – 680
Prashant Lohia – 660
Yusuf Kunda – 650
Akshita Narang – 620
Ayushi Gupta – 700
Nazm Singh – 690
Archit A – 640
Ankit Roongta – 640
Rohan B – 620
Rahul Juneja – 700
Aditi Arya – 700



SAT Achievers

Aashna Jain – 1530
Samarth Doshi – 1510
Vinit Jogani – 1480
Parth Doshi – 1440
Saharsh Nandwani – 1440
Priyam Josji – 1410
Kabir Patel – 1410
Shubhangi Yadav – 1390
Freya Lalani – 1370
Parth Shah – 1300
Pankti Rana – 1250
Hriday Malji – 1240
Lakshya Kejriwal – 1200
Shubham Mehta- 1320
Rajveer Bachkaniwala – 1390
Janak Bachkaniwal – 1400


IELTS Achievers

Sakshi Arya – 8.5 Bands
Zarna Solanki – 8.0 Bands
Binal Modi – 8.0 Bands
Shubhangi Yadav – 8.0 Bands
Ayushi Naik – 8.0 Bands
Anuj Chheda – 8.0 Bands
Anjana Bajaj – 8.0 Bands
Veer Singhania – 8.0 Bands
Jay Gupte – 8.0 Bands
Siddhant S. – 8.0 Bands
Dr. Dhruv P – 8.0 Bands
Abhay Choksi – 8.0 Bands
Kautuki J – 8.0 Bands
Simran Juneja – 8.0 Bands
Devanshi P – 8.0 Bands
Prashant Bagga – 7.5 Bands
Vishal Sisodia – 7.5 Bands
Shyam Pathak – 7.5 Bands
Druvin Patel – 7.5 Bands
Mithun Mistry – 7.5 Bands
Honey Choksi – 7.5 Bands
Yug Patel – 7.5 Bands
Ravindra S – 7.5 Bands
Chinmay K – 7.5 Bands
Vedant Dalmia – 7.5 Bands
Samiksha N – 7.5 Bands
Vaishvi Mistry – 7.5 Bands
Shubham Mehta – 7.5 Bands
Shruti Kotecha – 7 Bands
Ammar Saherwla – 7 Bands
Ritik Sewani – 7 Bands


TOEFL Achievers

Prachi Jain – 112
Trisha B. – 116
Abhishek Doshi – 111
Nidhi Desai – 109
Rujal Desai – 105
Sajil Patel – 105
Darshan P – 104
Nisarg Gor – 103
Puja M – 103
Dhaval D –  103
Dr.Harshil Patel – 102
Kushal Shah – 102
Shweta B. Patel – 101
Chirayu Desai – 101


A Satisfied Student Is Our Best Advertisement

Shivani Agarwal cropped image 2

Shivani Agarwal

MS Architecture & Urban Design - Columbia University
As the name suggests, Global Careers has been instrumental in sending deserving and potential students around the world in order to advance in their respective fields. Manish Sir has been an amazing mentor and guide to me since the day I began contemplating a career in the field of Urban Design. The whole process beginning with the selection of the right course in the right university till being approved for visa would not have been this smooth had it not been for him. The best part about him was that he kept encouraging at each step, which gave me the confidence to apply to the top 5 universities in the world. Having in depth knowledge in the field, Sir has the capability to guide every student in their career. Last but not the least, the team at GC is extremely supportive. I strongly suggest Global Careers to aspiring students.
Shubham Mehta changed pic

Shubham Mehta

Bachelor Of Engineering, Univ. Of Wisconsin Madison
Global Careers is being driven by passion, not by mercenary motives. They offer honest guidance lead by the very experienced- Mr. Manish Mittal. Thank you, for helping me get preeminent grades in IELTS, SAT and an admit into computer science at the revered Wisconsin Madison. It was a really amazing time at global careers.. He has always been like a parent to everyone , i have never met a counsellor so well versed with career counselling and foreign education consulting In Surat . Also the staff at GC are really cooperative and always at help. The SAT and IELTS faculties were knowing the minutest details about the courses unlike others who do this for the business. Global careers is being driven by passion not by mercenary motives. Thank you, for helping me get preeminent grades in IELTs, SAT and an admit into computer science at the revered Wisconsin Madison! Thank you very much and all the best!

Isma Mehraj

MS Civil Engineering, IIT Chicago
To accomplish your career and dreams you should know which path to travel and how to avoid rough roads, you should seek advice from people who have walked and crossed those roads thousands of times in the past.If you are confused, lost in your decisions of studying abroad. Global Careers is the place where you should be right now. I mean it * RIGHT NOW SEEK ADVICE* and I assure you, after few months you will be writing here the same. Manish Sir, Madhvi Ma'am, Sanjay Sir ,Mili Ma'am, Jogendra Sir, Nidhi Ma'am and all the team. Thank you Global Careers - You are the saviors and samaritans. Long Live GC! They can transform your lives.
DEvika pic

Devika Tayal

Masters in English, Queens Mary Univ. of London
Thank you very much sir! It wouldn't have been possible without you and your team. I am obliged to all of you. Thanks for your guidance on selection of the right course for me. Now I believe there could have not been a better course for me than this one. Thanks again!

Ishaan Poddar

Bachelors of Biological Sciences, Rutgers Univ.
How are you? My classes at Rutgers have begun and I am really liking it. All thanks to you sir. I'm really thankful to you for sending me at the right place. I will work hard here too. During my orientations, I coincidentally met Ayushi. She's great. Very helpful and sweet as you described. When I was all alone, she got home cooked pav bhaji for me which was so nice of her. Thank you soooo much sir once again. I am very happy 🙂

Utkarsh Gupta

Bachelors in Business Mgmt. (Mkt ) - Purdue Univ
"I do not have enough words to express my gratitude for Manish Sir and his team at Global Careers. Studying in a boarding school with numerous responsibilities, I thought it would be difficult for me to complete my College Applications in time. However, Manish Sir and his team put all my apprehensions to rest and helped me complete my applications in time.He has a lot of experience and I strongly recommend Global Careers to anyone who wants to realize his/her dream of studying Abroad. "

Samartha Patel

MS Chemical Er YALE University,USA
I had a goal in my mind and Global Careers helped me achieve that. Manish Sir was meticulous throughout and was always eager to improve all my essays, which are one of the most important parts of an application. I am grateful to Manish Sir and his team for helping me out with almost everything with a smile!"

Dr Manish Jain

Pediatric Surgeon, Surat (Father Of Praachi Jain who is Pursuing undergraduate degree at New York University)
I admire Mr Manish Mittal’s knowledge, skill and passion for mentoring and guiding students. Thorough knowledge of Mr. Manish about various global career options and understanding the mind and psychology of parents as well students makes the recommendations very useful. Another important aspect is well experienced and seasoned faculty members for preparations of various entrance tests. May it be Career counselling, training for SAT,or Study abroad consulting, I strongly place Global Careers as numero uno in Surat. Highly recommended !
44_Nupoor M. Umarji

Nupoor Umarji

(Teaching Assistantship) M.S Kinesiology & Ex Sc - UT Austin
"If you are reading this, you have come to the right place for coaching and counselling. The moment I came to GLOBAL CAREERS and met Manish Sir, the journey for the best had begun. Manish Sir always pushed me towards excellence, helped me set realistic goals and inspired me to work hard. In fact, the whole team at GC is admirable. Sanjay Sir's Math classes were a terrific combination of logic and wit. Minal Madam's impeccable diction along with the stimulating vocabulary sessions by Manish Sir, contributed to my scores in more than one ways. If I had to sum up my experience in one word, it would be – SUPERLATIVE! "
Mrunal Vansadia

Mrunal Vansadia

BS business management – University of Indiana, Bloomington ,USA
My dream of studying business management in States would have never been a reality without Global careers. Manish sir and his team at Global careers not only helped me with my application process but also made my visa process easy and hassle free. Manish sir was always there to help me with my essays, which is an important part of the application. Had it not been for him, I think I would have never got into such a world class university. "Thanks for all the guidance and support.
Dr. Malav Patel

Dr. Malav Patel

MPH Boston University,USA
My senior gave me the reference of Global Careers. Manish Sir started guiding me from the very first meeting we had. His experience as a mentor and a consultant has made my entire application process very smooth. In addition, Manish sir personally took mock sessions for visa interview which made me very confident at the time of actual interview. Thanks a lot GC team !
Nikita Bhatia

Nikita Bhatia

MS Accounting - The University of Texas at Dallas
Global Careers is a truly a one-stop shop for study abroad. When it comes to career guidance, there are many that talk a good game, but Global Careers actually follow through on their promises. I applaud Manish sir and his team of highly experienced and enthusiastic professionals for their comprehensive knowledge, their honest feedback and for the personalized attention they give to each case.
Aditi Arya

Aditi Arya Mgmt. London Business School - UK
Starting from selecting the college major, study destination, to the University, Global Careers makes what can be a very nerve wrecking experience a very facile one. Regardless of what time of the day it was, Manish sir was always there to solve my queries, provide guidance and push me in the right direction. Through my personal experience with them, I would gladly recommend them to anyone who wishes to broaden their horizons and study abroad.
Aakash Nandi

Aakash Nandi

Msc. Comp Sci McGill University, CANADA
With few colleges in mind, and no idea about the process and very short time span I came to Global careers to seek advice on application process and its nuances to reliably get through the selection process in order to get an admit, as I didn’t have a fall back option. Global careers team’s aptness and timely response to every detail is major part of reason behind my dream coming true. Thank you for your precious support!

Kautuki Jariwala

Bachelors in Liberal Arts – Rutgers Univ (New Brunswick)
"Every student will know it for a fact that the whole process of transferring the dream of studying abroad into reality is far from easy. But not to fear, the help is here, and it is as simple as Global Careers. I trusted GC with my dreams and not once did they treat it like anything but my soon to be reality. Global Careers is incredibly experienced and due to this, my journey was made so much smoother and faster. Thank you so much to the entire team, your efforts are still being talked about! "

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