Dishan Shah

Masters in Arch - Pratt Institute

“Right from the beginning, I knew that the college search and the application process was going to be a challenge and would stress me out, I knew where I had to be, it was “GLOBAL CAREERS” Other than the routine process of searching schools, applications, preparing for the visas which they are already the best at, Thank you Global Careers for helping me with almost everything. “

USA Rajvi Patel

Rajvi Patel

Masters in Arch - Texas A&M Univ, College Station

Global Careers has been a reason for helping me achieve my dreams. Manish sir’s insights and wisdom helped me developed the right mindset. A few qualities, I observed about Manish sir were his continuous efforts to push an individual to the ultimate, personalized attention, ability to remember tiny details about all, enthusiasm, innovation and not to forget the perfectly calm nature. Extremely friendly staff added it all up for the most satisfying and pleasant experience at Global


Kautuki Jariwala

Bachelors in Liberal Arts – Rutgers Univ (New Brunswick)

“Every student will know it for a fact that the whole process of transferring the dream of studying abroad into reality is far from easy. But not to fear, the help is here, and it is as simple as Global Careers. I trusted GC with my dreams and not once did they treat it like anything but my soon to be reality. Global Careers is incredibly experienced and due to this, my journey was made so much smoother and faster. Thank you so much to the entire team, your efforts are still being talked about! ”


Moksha H. Desai

Double MS in Biology - California State University - USA

When I met Manish sir, he gave me a clear guidance and motivated me to work towards my goal. My parents were so relaxed upon meeting Manish sir who became my “Pathfinder”. The journey from universities’ applications to VISA interview would have been possible without GC’s support. I would highly recommend Global careers if you really want to go ahead in your career.


Sweety Patel

MS in Computer & Information Sciences, Syracuse University

I think selecting Global Careers was the best decision I made for guidance regarding my education in the US. Along with the preparation for GRE & IELTS, Global Careers helped me in every phase. Right from the selection of colleges, applying to the colleges, to the visa procedures, I received their full support. I appreciate the teaching methodology of Sanjay Sir, Manish Sir and Minal madam that helped immensely to get a good score. Profuse thanks to the entire GC team!


Isma Mehraj

MS Civil Engineering, IIT Chicago

To accomplish your career and dreams you should know which path to travel and how to avoid rough roads, you should seek advice from people who have walked and crossed those roads thousands of times in the past.If you are confused, lost in your decisions of studying abroad. Global Careers is the place where you should be right now. I mean it * RIGHT NOW SEEK ADVICE* and I assure you, after few months you will be writing here the same. Manish Sir, Madhvi Ma’am, Sanjay Sir ,Mili Ma’am, Jogendra Sir, Nidhi Ma’am and all the team. Thank you Global Careers – You are the saviors and samaritans. Long Live GC! They can transform your lives.

DEvika pic

Devika Tayal

Masters in English, Queens Mary Univ. of London

Thank you very much sir! It wouldn’t have been possible without you and your team. I am obliged to all of you. Thanks for your guidance on selection of the right course for me. Now I believe there could have not been a better course for me than this one. Thanks again!


Ishaan Poddar

Bachelors of Biological Sciences, Rutgers Univ.

How are you? My classes at Rutgers have begun and I am really liking it. All thanks to you sir. I’m really thankful to you for sending me at the right place. I will work hard here too. During my orientations, I coincidentally met Ayushi. She’s great. Very helpful and sweet as you described. When I was all alone, she got home cooked pav bhaji for me which was so nice of her. Thank you soooo much sir once again. I am very happy 🙂


Dr Manish Jain

Pediatric Surgeon, Surat (Father Of Praachi Jain who is Pursuing undergraduate degree at New York University)

I admire Mr Manish Mittal’s knowledge, skill and passion for mentoring and guiding students. Thorough knowledge of Mr. Manish about various global career options and understanding the mind and psychology of parents as well students makes the recommendations very useful. Another important aspect is well experienced and seasoned faculty members for preparations of various entrance tests. May it be Career counselling, training for SAT,or Study abroad consulting, I strongly place Global Careers as numero uno in Surat. Highly recommended !

Mrunal Vansadia

Mrunal Vansadia

BS business management – University of Indiana, Bloomington ,USA

My dream of studying business management in States would have never been a reality without Global careers. Manish sir and his team at Global careers not only helped me with my application process but also made my visa process easy and hassle free. Manish sir was always there to help me with my essays, which is an important part of the application. Had it not been for him, I think I would have never got into such a world class university. “Thanks for all the guidance and support.