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Who We Are

Founded in 2000, Global Careers is a One-Stop Destination for those who are searching for Career Counselling, Study Abroad Consulting, Test preparation, & Visa Guidance. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a leading independent educational consultant in the South Gujarat region.

As educational professionals, we believe in having a good time while doing what we enjoy, and we do enjoy what we do. Join us and you will find that our commitment towards our work as well as our students is evident in the level of service that we provide.

What We Do

With a team of well experienced and qualified professionals, we maintain an illustrious record of counselling and mentoring candidates for world’s most prestigious universities. In addition, we provide quality training for the standardised tests such as TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, & IELTS. Additionally, our career counselling service empowers students to make sound & realistic decisions about their future.

With thousands of students and parents seeking our advice in making educational decisions to date, as a One-Stop Career Centre, we ensure that the decision they eventually make is an informed one !

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Manish Mittal


The decision to embark upon a global career is ultimately in your hands; we can however ensure that the choice you make is an informed one

With almost two decades of experience, Manish Mittal, the founder of Global Careers, believes that counselling is his calling. His profound understanding of Career Counselling, Study Abroad Consulting, and Test Preparation makes him a highly trusted professional, and a  sought after counsellor.

Manish also serves as a career advisor at reputed schools in town.  In the course of his tenure, he has guided thousands of students, with varied profiles, and continues to do so. Manish ’s counselees are pursuing higher education and professions in various parts of the globe and would vouch for the fact that he works to bring the most comprehensive, personalized, and compassionate educational consulting solutions to his clientele.

Meet Our Team

It is less me and more WE

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Manish Mittal

Nidhi Kapadia

Nidhi Kapadia

Help Desk, Billing and Reception
Minal Parekh

Minal Parekh

Senior Advisor & Faculty- Verbal (SAT- GRE-GMAT)
Sanjay Jajodia

Sanjay Jajodia

Senior Advisor & Faculty- Quant (SAT- GRE-GMAT)
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Madhavi Patel