• Shivani AgarwalShivani Agarwal MS Architecture & Urban Design - Columbia University

    As the name suggests, Global Careers has been instrumental in sending deserving and potential students around the world in order to advance in their respective fields. Manish Sir has been an amazing mentor and guide to me since the day I began contemplating a career in the field of Urban Design. The whole process beginning with the selection of the right course in the right university till being approved for visa would not have been this smooth had it not been for him. The best part about him was that he kept encouraging at each step, which gave me the confidence to apply to the top 5 universities in the world. Having in depth knowledge in the field, Sir has the capability to guide every student in their career. Last but not the least, the team at GC is extremely supportive. I strongly suggest Global Careers to aspiring students.

  • Shubham MehtaShubham MehtaBachelor in Computer Engineering, Univ. Of Wisconsin Madison

    Global Careers is being driven by passion, not by mercenary motives. They offer honest guidance lead by the very experienced- Mr. Manish Mittal. Thank you, for helping me get preeminent grades in IELTS, SAT and an admit into computer science at the revered Wisconsin Madison.

    It was a really amazing time at global careers.. He has always been like a parent to everyone , I have never met a counsellor so well versed with career counselling and foreign education consulting In Surat . Also the staff at GC are really cooperative and always at help.
    The SAT and IELTS faculties were knowing the minutest details about the courses unlike others who do this for the business.
    Global careers is being driven by passion not by mercenary motives.
    Thank you, for helping me get preeminent grades in IELTs, SAT and an admit into computer science at the revered Wisconsin Madison!

    Thank you very much and all the best!

  • Pankaj Vajpayee

    Global Careers is the best solution regarding my education and they guide me very well for my future as well as for my career aspects.

  • Raghav Agarwal

    Manish Sir is very helpful and gives personal attention to each and every detail about a student's needs and want, and helps choose a university accordingly.


  • Rohit Gupta

    Mr. Manish Mittal is an experienced person in this field and he was instrumental in procurement of seat in a prestigious university.

  • Harsh Lahoty

    My teenage kids were not sure about the career that they would like to take. Session with Mr. Mittal was very enlightening and helped the kids to take the decision regarding their career.

  • Asha Agarwal

    I am impressed by their helpful attitude, they surely know their job well. Highly recommended!

  • Jayantanuj Das

    Unbiased counselling with student first approach makes working with the Global Career team a wonderful learning experience. Wish you all the very best for future endeavors.

  • Jags Prajapati

    Global Careers - I had heard a lot about them and after meeting them , my views are intact. I found them to be very honest and knowledgeable . With so much experience , they surely are the numero uno among Foreign educational consultant in Surat

  • Dhananjay Kapoor

    Mr Mittal and his team are truly inrerested in channnelising the energy of children in the direction where our children's forte and area of excellence lies.
    The team has immense experience and knowledge and most importantly 'concern' and 'understanding of child psychology' that makes them very effective counsellors.

  • Preeti BombayHatss

    If you are in Surat and looking for study abroad consulting as well as GRE and IELTS training you must visit Global Careers once and meet Mr Manish Mittal, you will surely be in genuine hands. After meeting few other consultants, I met him last year with my brother and found him to be humble and most experienced. He helped my brother realise his academic dream of studying in a reputed university. It is important that such people be promoted in society. Thanks for your guidance Mr Mittal.

  • Srikanth Guduru

    Global Careers is more than just an educational institution.
    The psychrometric tests and personal level career counseling makes them remarkable.
    If someone is looking for great career along with quality skills then Global Careers is the right place. Very straight forward and unbiased teaching.
    Thanks to Manish Sir, Minal Madam, Sanjay Sir and whole global careers team.

  • Naresh Borse

    Mr. Manish Mittal is perhaps the only qualified career counselor in Surat. I liked the fact that he uses world renowned branded tests and is certified to use them. Fully satisfied with his style of counseling. Highly recommended!


  • Amit Jain

    I have known Manish for a long time and he is a phenomenal counselor and coach who genuinely cares for his students' success. He also has a great reputation with some of the best colleges in the US and that's always helpful for those aspiring a higher education abroad. I would strongly recommend seeking his help as you think about your future career.

  • Vinita Nanavati

    Firstly thanks a lot for all efforts from global careers. Many thanks to Manish sir,Rakesh sir,Riddhi,Madhavi for excellent guidance and help throughout the process.I would recommend everyone to approach Global Careers placed in surat.This is super excellent and well managed consultancy.Thanks again.

  • Ratan Narnolia

    Global Career was referred to me through a friend of mine. I used Global Career for counseling services for my cousin who required advice on future career. As my family trusted me and wanted me to be involved. I have an opportunity to discuss with Mr. Manish Mittal and review the psychometric test results. I was highly impressed with the level of information provided through the test. The personal counseling of Mr. Mittal guided us through the results and is best in class. A must have for all students who are beginning their career. I can personally vouch for psychometric test for every student.

  • Vikash Saraf

    Indeed a fabulous place for honing and guiding young minds of India.
    Surat is lucky to have the option of Global Careers.
    Hope Mr. Mittal (Founder/director) expands to more cities in India.

  • Raju Parekh

    Global Careers is truly the best place for career counseling and study abroad guidance in Surat. Mr. Manish Mittal's experience in counseling gives him an edge above all. My daughter also attended coaching for SAT test here and I must say that the knowledgeable faculty at Global Careers were instrumental in her success. I highly recommend Global Careers to all students seeking career guidance.

  • Ekta Mathur

    Global careers is one of the best I have ever seen. They are the best for career counselling. Manish Mittal is highly qualified and experienced. Each student gets personal attention. Whether you are looking for a career in India or abroad. Global careers is your answer to all your career related confusions.

  • Sandesh Singh

    I am highly satisfied with the services of global careers. Their expertise in the area of education counselling was amazing and the approach really unique. The only thing I regret is that I did not contact them earlier and ended up losing one year without securing admission. I would simply recommed anyone and everyone considering higher education abroad from Gujarat to not waste unnecessary time looking for other service providers but simply go to Global Careers and Mr. Mittal.

  • Binaz Gandhi Khambatta

    A place that provides genuine guidance enabling students and their parents to take an informed decision regarding overseas education & future career.
    Dedicated staff guided and supervised by Mr Manish Mittal provides quality training for exams like SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL & IELTS.
    An institute that is more interested in a person's career enhancement than making personal financial gains.
    Keep up the great work team G. C

  • Brojen Nongmaithem

    I am glad to see such an opportunity to the young talent in this region of the country. I have personally known Manish since 2 decades and I can feel the sense of accomplishment in this vision set out by Global Careers. The success of the organization is transparently visible to all of us. Wishing everyone and all young minds at Global Careers all the best and many success.

  • Siddhartha Kapali

    Couldn't have expected better training in GRE and IELTS from any other coaching centre in Surat. Manish Sir's thorough knowledge on a variety of topics and his impeccable command on the language made the learning process easier and interesting. They care about the growth of every student individually, and that's what separates GC from the rest in the town.

    Moreover, the counselling part for application of universities and visas was efficiently handled; leaving no space for errors.

    Thank you for helping me all the way through, Manish Sir and Global Careers.

  • Akanksha Agarwal

    I had wonderful experience at Global Careers. The faculty and staff is very cooperative and accommodating. The quality if education and guidance is world-class!
    Their career counseling is exemplary. The guidance that they provide is valuable and very helpful.
    The SAT coaching is also very helpful for getting a good score in the exam.
    Highly Recommended.

  • Nejav Shah

    When many people in this area aims to do business by lying and their only motivation is to earn money I could say I was very much lucky to have found Global careers. Mr. Mittal is the most honest person and anyone could completely rely on information and guidance he provides. I have seen many other consultants lying to their clients just to get their business but people at Global careers are honest and trustworthy. Truly a place with the difference! Best of it's kind in Surat.

  • Aashna AgarwalAashna AgarwalMS Computers, UCLA, USA

    Professionals to the core.
    An hour-long meeting with Manish Sir and his team was worth every penny spent.
    The amount of conceptual clarity they had on the admission process amazed me. Thank you so much !


  • Isma MehrajIsma MehrajMS Civil Engineering, IIT Chicago

    To accomplish your career and dreams you should know which path to travel and how to avoid rough roads, you should seek advice from people who have walked and crossed those roads thousands of times in the past.If you are confused, lost in your decisions of studying abroad. Global Careers is the place where you should be right now. I mean it * RIGHT NOW SEEK ADVICE* and I assure you, after few months you will be writing here the same. Manish Sir, Madhvi Ma'am, Sanjay Sir, Mili Ma'am, Jogendra Sir, Nidhi Ma'am and all the team. Thank You Global Careers! You are the saviors and samaritans..Long Live GC! They can transform your lives.

  • Ishaan PoddarIshaan PoddarBSc. Biology, Rutgers University

    How are you? My classes at Rutgers have begun and I am really liking it. All thanks to you sir. I'm really thankful to you for sending me at the right place. I will work hard here too. During my orientations, I coincidentally met Ayushi. She's great. Very very helpful and sweet as you described. When I was all alone, she got home cooked pav bhaji for me which was so nice of her. Thank you soooo much sir once again. I am very happy 🙂

  • Devika TayalDevika TayalMasters in English, Queen Mary University of London

    Thank you very much sir! It wouldn't have been possible without you and your team. I am obliged to all of you. Thanks for your guidance on selection of the right course for me. Now I believe there could have not been a better course for me than this one. Thanks again !

  • Samartha PatelSamartha PatelMS Chemical Er YALE University,USA

    "I had a goal in my mind and Global Careers is the place where I got the correct guidance to help me achieve that! When I started my preparation for MS I was clueless how I would accomplish what I had in my mind. But with Manish Mittal Sir and his team, every step towards my MS turned out to be so simple. Manish Sir was meticulous throughout the application procedure and was always eager to improve all my essays, which are one of the most important parts of an application. I am grateful to Manish Sir and his team for helping me out with almost everything with a smile!"

  • Aakash NandiAakash NandiMsc. Comp Sci McGill University

    After doing job in an IT firm for 6 months, I found no relevance between what was taught in my bachelors program and what I was doing there to earn a living. However I had interests in advanced topics like machine learning and computer vision and hence I decided to quit the job out of dissatisfaction (in December ). With few colleges in mind,and no idea about the process and very short time span I came to Global careers to seek advice on application process and its nuances to reliably get through the selection process in order to get an admit, as I didn’t have a fall back option. Global careers team's aptness and timely response to every detail is major part of reason behind my dream coming true.I would like to thank them for their precious support during such a crucial time.

  • Aditi AryaAditi AryaBSc Biochemistry , University College London,UK

    Even though I always knew I would pursue my undergraduate abroad, there were a lot of decisions that needed to be made. From deciding which country, to which university and which course, Global Careers really helped me gain clarity and make the right decisions. Regardless of what time of the day it was, Manish sir was always there to solve my queries, provide guidance and push me in the right direction. Global Careers makes what can be a very nerve wrecking experience a very facile one. Through my personal experience with them, I would gladly recommend them to anyone who wishes to broaden their horizons and study abroad.

  • Nikita BhatiaNikita BhatiaMS Accounting the University of Texas at Dallas

    When it comes to career guidance, there are numerous counselors that talk a good game, but Global Careers actually follow through on their promises. The decision to study abroad entails a trail of daunting activities, which can be hard to keep up with in absence of the right direction. Global Careers is a one stop shop for study abroad. Right from the selection of a reputed business school, meeting varied academic criteria and deadlines, to the visa applications, they coached me and gave me the confidence to take the overwhelming tasks head on and get accepted to a highly ranked B-school in line with my academic goals. I applaud Manish sir and his team of highly experienced and enthusiastic professionals for their comprehensive knowledge, their direct and honest feedback and for the personalized attention they give to each case. The logical method of providing step-by-step guidance, which Manish sir has put a lot of thought and expertise into designing, has proven invaluable for me to take the next step in my career.

  • Mrunal VansadiaMrunal VansadiaBS business management – University of Indiana, Bloomington ,USA

    My dream of studying business management in States would have never been a reality without Global careers. Manish sir and his team at Global careers not only helped me with my application process but also made my visa process easy and hassle free. Manish sir was always there to help me with my essays, which is an important part of the application. Had it not been for him, I think I would have never got into such a world class university. "Thanks for all the guidance and support.

  • Dr. Malav PatelDr. Malav PatelMPH – Boston University,USA

    While I started my application process, I realized that I may have shortage of time as there was a very short period between application beginning date and deadlines. Moreover I had limited choices in selection of universities as I was applying for Spring term. I asked my senior who were in the same field and he gave me reference of Global Careers. When I met Manish Sir for the first time, he understood the criticality of the situation at instance and he started guiding me from the first meeting. He guided me throughout the application process. His experience as a mentor and a consultant has made my entire application process very much easy. In addition to application process, Global Career also prepared me well for the visa. Manish sir personally took mock sessions for visa interview which made me very confident at the time of actual interview. Thanks a lot!

  • Dr Manish JainDr Manish JainPediatric Surgeon, Surat (Father Of Praachi Jain who is Pursuing undergraduate degree at New York University)

    It was a walk in visit to global careers many years back and that started my relationship with Mr Manish Mittal and his passion of mentoring and guiding aspiring students to various global educational avenues. USP of this place is the unbiased well researched and meticulously customised advice you get from all the counsellors. Thorough knowledge of Mr. Manish about various global career options and understanding the mind and psychology of parents as well students makes the recommendations very useful. Another important aspect is well experienced and seasoned faculty members for preparations of various entrance tests. Never ending quest of Manish sir for learning new things keeps the analysis and suggestions very much up to date. Starting from Career counselling, training to Study abroad consulting , I used their of entire gamut services for my daughters’ undergraduate admission and it worked out very well and I strongly place Global Careers as numero uno among career counsellor as well as study abroad consultants in Surat. Highly recommended for all those who want to study overseasand are looking for transparent and well researched, yet thoroughly professional coaching and counselling services !

  • Nupoor M. UmarjiNupoor M. UmarjiM.S. in Kinesiology and Exercise Science (Emphasis in Motor control and learning) The University of Texas at Austin Teaching Assistant at the department of Biology

    If you are reading this, you have come to the right place. Ever since I decided to go the U.S., I knew that I didn’t want to settle for anything mediocre. I wanted the best of everything starting from counselling to the best University. The moment I came to GLOBAL CAREERS and met Manish Sir, the journey for the best had begun and there was a reason why. Manish Sir always pushed me towards excellence, helped me set realistic goals and inspired me to work hard. In fact the whole team at GC is admirable and carefully chosen by Manish Sir to deliver the best in every aspect. I would always look forward to attending Sanjay Sir’s Math classes which were a terrific combination of logic and wit. Minal Ma’am’s impeccable diction and Manish Sir’s plethora of vocabulary contributed to my scores in more than one ways. The whole process of applying to the universities and the appearing for the Visa interview can be intimidating. However, I had GC at my disposal at every step which made it so much easier for me. I am so glad I came to GC for I was guided in the right direction. If I had to sum up my experience in one word, it would be – SUPERLATIVE!

  • Utkarsh GuptaUtkarsh GuptaBachelors in Business Management (Marketing)-Purdue university

    I do not have enough words to express my gratitude for Manish Sir and his team at Global Careers. Being a student of a boarding school with numerous responsibilities, I thought it would be difficult for me to complete my College Applications in time. However, Manish Sir put all my apprehensions to rest and helped me complete my applications in time! He helped me through all the stages during the application process and also made my Visa interview easy to handle. He has a lot of experience and I recommend Global Careers to anyone who wants to realize his/her dream of going abroad.

  • Dishan ShahDishan ShahMasters in Architecture Pratt Institute - USA

    Right from the beginning, I knew that the college search and the application process was going to be a challenge and would stress me out, I knew where I had to be, it was "GLOBAL CAREERS"
    Other than the routine process of searching schools, applications, preparing for the visas which they are already the best at, I felt there was something extremely important that i gained from them, it was a direction towards my goal. I don't think I would have been able to take the step of pursuing my further studies, but Mr.Manish Mittal convinced me to take it and I am more than grateful he did that. Thank you to Mr.Manish Mittal and everyone at Global Careers, especially Eti who helped me with almost everything.

  • Kautuki JariwalaKautuki JariwalaBachelors in Liberal Arts –Psychology - Rutgers University: New Brunswick - New Jersey

    Every student will know it for a fact that the whole process of transferring the dream of studying abroad into reality is far from easy, it is exhausting and very easy to give up on. But not to fear, the help is here, and it is as simple as Global Careers. I was very reluctant when I first came for help but it took a mere hour for me to know that I had made the perfect choice and there was no turning back. It didn’t take me long to know that every struggle a student faces is a struggle for GC’s team. This was not like the other institutions I had known, this team worked with a student, not with a project. For this reason I never once doubted the decisions that were made for me. I trusted GC with my dreams and not once did they treat it like anything but my soon to be reality. Global Careers is incredibly experienced and so before any problems arrive, they were long solved. Due to this, my journey was made so much smoother and faster. Another thing that never failed to put in awe was their organization skills; every step was very easily laid out in front of me. In any confusion, they always seemed to have the answers. I have no words but to simply say that anyone who chooses GC will not regret this in any way. I have been in the same position as any student will be and I will not guide anyone wrong; just guide them to Global Careers. Thank you so much to the entire team, your efforts are still being talked about!

  • Rajvi PatelRajvi PatelMasters in Architecture - Texas A&M University

    Global Careers has been in real sense a reason for me being able to carve out the correct path to achieve my dreams. It has been an integral part of my preparation. Manish sir’s insights and wisdom helped me developed the right mindset.

    A few qualities, I observed about Manish sir which are hard to find otherwise were, his continuous efforts to push an individual to the ultimate, personalized attention, ability to remember tiny details about all, enthusiasm, innovation and not to forget the perfectly calm nature.

    Extremely helpful Eti and her ability to smile and help for every little thing you need plus the friendly staff added it all up for the most satisfying and pleasant experience at Global Careers.

  • Sweety PatelSweety PatelMS in Computer & Information Sciences, Syracuse University

    I think selecting Global Careers was the best decision I made for guidance regarding my education in the US. Along with the preparation for GRE & IELTS, Manish sir and the whole team of Global Careers helped me in every phase. Right from the selection of colleges, applying to the colleges, to the visa procedures, I received their full support. I appreciate the Math’s classes conducted by Sanjay Sir that helped me clear my concepts. Additionally, the discussion during vocab sessions by Manish sir helped me considerably to broaden my perspectives. Profuse thanks to the entire Global Careers team for helping me realize my academic goal.

  • Panthil DesaiPanthil DesaiMS construction Er- San Diego State University

    Mr. Manish Mittal has been immensely helpful in guidance process through the GRE exam. Material prepared by Global Careers aptly outlines the exam pattern and the types of questions one would face. I was impressed with the way Mr. Mittal teaches the verbal section in very interesting manner, relating it to the current affairs. This made it easy to assimilate the “esoteric lexicon".I really appreciate that he would always find time to solve students' queries despite having a busy schedule. I am thankful to Mr. Manish and the whole crew of GLOBAL CAREERS for helping me out in university hunt and visa filling procedure. In nutshell, my experience from joining the classes for GRE through getting the visa was fantastic.

  • Dax PatelDax PatelMEng Electrical Engineering with Renewable Energy System - Brunel University - London, UK

    MSc Computer Science, concentration Network Security - Pace University - New York, USA

    When I came to global careers, all I knew was that I wanted to do study abroad but had no idea about the entire procedure. After I had my first talk to Manish Sir, he explained me allabout the options I had, and gave me an action plan. I have applied to two different countries: UK and USA through global careers. The first hurdle was crossed by getting my visa for UK, where I completed my MEng at Brunel University. The second was the one I remember the most, this was the time when I was constantly receiving emails from Rakesh Sir and Manish Sir, to push me forward in order to complete my application. The Face Time calls from Manish Sir that push from both of them has brought me to where I am right now. Till todays date I suggest Global Careers to everyone who ask me. Thank you Manish Sir & GC team for everything. This small paragraph doesn’t even say half about global careers of what they have done for me.

  • Sanket V. NanavatiSanket V. NanavatiME Civil Engineering (Transportation) – The City College of New York (CUNY)

    “It’s was indeed a privilege to seek guidance under Mr. Manish Mittal at Global Careers after I enrolled with them for my tests preparation and study abroad consultancy. As a true confidante, the GC team provided timely guidance at every point. The support staff was utmost generous and humble to complete applications and made sure to review further requirements from Universities. They made my entire journey very smooth. I recommend GC to every student who wants to study abroad. Thank you Manish Sir for you strong belief and love”

  • Moksha H. DesaiMoksha H. DesaiTeaching Associate / Graduate research student in the field of Developmental BiologyDouble MS in Biology at California State University, Los Angeles

    GLOBAL CARRERS, the name itself is a huge inspiration for a novice who wants to make a career overseas. Upon my graduation in India, the only thing I knew was that I wanted to purse a research career in the USA. I had no idea about the Universities, applications and the courses offered by the Universities but when I met Manish sir, he gave me a clear guidance and motivated me to work towards my goal. My parents were so relaxed upon meeting Manish sir who became my “Pathfinder”. The entire GC team is awesome and generous that makes student’s journey possible. Sanjay sir’s “Learn with Logic” Math made me fall in love with Math even though I was a biology student. Minal Ma’am’s outstanding English and Manish sir, a logophile, helped me a lot. The journey from universities' applications to VISA interview would have been possible without GC’s support. The whole atmosphere of GC makes students work hard beyond their limit to fulfil their aim. I along with my family will always be thankful to GC for making my dreams come true. I would highly recommend Global careers if you really want to go ahead in your career.

  • Nisarg B. GorNisarg B. GorMS Computer Science New Jersey Institute of Technology

    I had a goal in my mind to study abroad. But, Global Careers is the place where I could decide upon exactly what I was vying for. It is the mentorship of Manish Sir and the meticulous efforts by his entire team, as a result of which not only could I receive good test scores in GRE & TOEFL, but also smoothly complete the entire University & Visa application process in a hassle-free manner. Thank You Global Careers! I would highly recommend everyone in and around Surat to choose Global Careers as a Launchpad for a great career ahead.

  • Anjani BajajAnjani BajajIELTS – 8 Bands

    My dream of studying abroad brought me to Global, where I interacted with Mr. Manish Mittal. Manish sir is more than a mere teacher, he is an extremely knowledgeable mentor who will guide you throughout your venture. I made sure that I never missed Manish sir's GRE vocabulary sessions, which were not only informative but also really interactive and enjoyable. The way he emphasizes on complete understanding of a single word rather than merely cramming the synonyms is simply admirable. IELTS classes were equally wonderful. Under his tutelage, I have learnt to write effectively and learn wisely! Global careers is a remarkable institute where you realize that you can actually put your plan to execution step by step and pave the way to accomplish your dreams.

  • Akansha KumarAkansha KumarMS in Nuclear Engineering, Texas A & M university, College station (Full Scholarship and Research Assistantship)

    Manish Mittal, the name I can relate to every step I took towards my journey to US. Beginning from thinking of GRE , preparing for GRE in terms of timelines, study materials, booking of dates, interacting with professors, applying to colleges, choosing the best among the best and ending with coming to US and joining the destination , Manish Mittal has been instrumental in giving me guidance, confidence for appearing GRE (I am very bad at by-hearting words) and showing the right track. You would be surprised to know that I have never met him nor seen him, I have always interacted with him over phone and emails after he was introduced to me by my brother, WVK Taraknath who also happened to be his student . Even this kind of interaction had such an impact on me coming to US, you cant imagine how much assistance you can get if you work with him personally. Following his steps helped me in getting a scholarship and also Assistantship. I would sum up saying interacting with right person at the right time did help me a lot and I don't think I would have achieved the current position without the phenomenal help of Mr. Manish.

  • Akshay PatelAkshay PatelBS Business Finance - San Francisco State University - USA

    I am thankful to Manish Sir and the whole Global Careers crew for helping me in my Visa guidance and counseling. The unique quality of Global Careers (GC) is that they are unbiased in fulfilling your goals. Firstly, I applied for the Visa through some other consultancy and I was rejected for my F1-Visa for US , even though I had valid tourist Visa for the same. Later, I had a talk with Manish Sir and he guided me correctly and to his best and the outcome was total success. GC are the best in coaching GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS AND Visa guidance. They are the first in Surat to introduce the trend of 'Study Abroad Program'. So how can you go wrong if you follow the GURU. In sum, my experience with Manish Sir was fantastic.

  • Ankit TiwariAnkit TiwariMS Electrical Engineering - Oregon State University (USA)

    After completing my Bachelor's in Electronics & Communication engineering, I wanted to pursue my Masters in Integrated Circuit Designing from a US university. I didn't know anything about GRE exam together with whole application & Visa procedure. At that point of time i needed a counselor & an institute which could properly guide me through the whole procedure. Finally, I zeroed in on Global Careers as my counselor & teaching institute & the reason behind that decision was Manish Sir & his whole team at Global Careers. Manish Sir very well understood my case and what I wanted to do. Accordingly he guided me in choosing my university and prepared me thoroughly for the Visa Interview. He as a person is highly motivated and works on each application with lot of depth & thoroughness as he knows how important this is for a student and his career & takes a lot of time discussing various aspects of your application with you before applying to any university. His team of teachers at Global Careers is very hardworking & professional in their job and properly guided me for the GRE exam preparation. They are up to date with all the changes and course related work and complete the task of preparing a student IN & OUT before the main exam. In the end I think Global Careers is the right institute for the students who want to study abroad & GC is doing a great job in that.

  • Saurabh SinghalSaurabh SinghalClinical Elective in Cardiothorasic Surgery - Tufts University, Massachusetts VISA INTERVIEW IN 7 DAYS

    If there is anyone who can help you clear the visa interview in 7 days, it�s the Global careers. Yes, I repeat mere 7 days, including all collecting your documents and preparing yourself for the questions to be fired at the interview.
    Procrastination had always been a bad habit of mine and is struck me hard when I got left with only 25 days for my elective to be started in USA, that means if I were to keep an option for reapplying the visa in case of rejection, I should give my first interview within 7 days, which was again a risky step but anyways you have to have at least 2 weeks to prepare for the USA trip the first time even if you are accepted at the first shot. I had taken GRE classes under Manish Sir a couple of years ago and I knew if there was one person to help me out, it was him, and so he did. With his supreme guidance, I managed to clear the visa interview in just a week�s preparation. His pragmatic approach and wonderful templates of TO THE POINT ANSWERS for the routine visa questions appealed to me the most. I was just asked three questions and given the multiple 10 year visitor visa. Sounds great isn�t it!! But that�s true.
    I would strongly recommend any student planning his study in foreign lands to have his counseling and assure that it would be the best source to get the most suitable solution for any case, given his years of experience and past records of his students clearing the visa interview even in the most complicated and entangled cases.

  • Jeet BooksellerJeet BooksellerMS Electrical Engineering – California State University – Long Beach

    "Global Careers was a really important stepping stone for my MS . Manish Sir is more like a mentor to me and made it possible for me to be here in US for my further studies. They helped at all the stages before my coming here. I think selecting Global Careers was a really good decision on my part, made my process so simple. From selecting Universities, applying for them, getting visa, and all other minor requirements, was all taken care at Global Careers."

  • Shubham AroraShubham AroraBSc (Hons) Business & Sports Studies - Uni. of Hertfordshire (UK)

    How are you??? I am having a great time. Thanks a lot for sending me here. It's an excellent place with billions of opportunities. I mean if you look properly and put in your hard work there is so much up for grabs, related to whatever field you want especially for sports. The atmosphere is very good. Infrastructure is state of the art. People are very friendly and the study level is also very high. I don't think there could have been a better place for me. Thank you again...

  • Yatiraj MundraYatiraj MundraUniv. of Illinois Urbana Champaign (USA) BS Mechanical Engineering SAT-2000 TOEFL - 109

    My decision to pursue my studies in US was taken very late, and this is where Mr. Manish Mittal stepped in. His expertise in the field & his coaching guided me well to obtain a good score as well as F1 visa. Had it not been for him, I believe I would not have been able to get into such a world-class university.

  • Shivam AroraShivam AroraUniv. of Hertfordshire (UK)(Vice Chancellor's Scholarship) B Sc Sports Studies & Digital Media IELTS 7 Bands

    For as popular an organization as Global Careers is, the thing I
    appreciated the most was - How despite his busy schedule, Manish Sir always had time to entertain students' queries. Be it, course decisions, admission formalities, visa forms or so much as a chat on Current Status, the door to his office was always open to students. If it weren't for GC, I wouldn't have been here studying what I love in the first place, let alone the prestigious Vice
    Chancellor's Scholarship that I was able to obtain. To conclude, I strongly recommend GC to everyone who fancies studying abroad.

  • Dr. Suraj PratapDr. Suraj PratapMS in Cancer Biology at UNT HSC Fort Worth, TX. (50% Tuition fee waiver & Graduate Assistantship) GRE Score-1460, TOEFL-110

    GC is the best Surat has to offer to all those who aspire to have a higher degree from reputed International Universities. It consists of a highly dedicated faculty who are willing to go out of the way to help students and clarify their doubts. Moreover, the center is led by the very dynamic Manish Sir who is totally committed to his work and for the betterment of students. I personally feel that his enthusiasm is ‘contagious’ and he has the special talent to make his students push beyond their own limits and achieve beyond their natural potential.

  • Trisha BarfiwalaTrisha BarfiwalaCarnegie Mellon University (USA) MS Biotech. & Mgmt. (Scholarship) GRE-1480 TOEFL-116

    When I went to Global Careers for the first time, I had no idea that my life was about to change. After speaking to Mr. Manish Mittal, I discovered a completely new career possibility for me which I now realize was one of the best decisions I have taken. It is only because of GC that I am studying at one of the best institutions in the world. I can never be thankful enough for this opportunity to learn and develop myself.

  • Samiksha Nandwani(Pursuing Liberal Arts in Mcgill University,Canada)

    Until few months ago I had many career options in mind and was very confused. Fortunately, I got to know about illume, a career counseling service based on psychometric tests that takes into consideration one's career interest , aptitude , & personality. The outcome of these tests and the valuable counseling by Manish sir has helped me choose a career path which is meant for me . I would definitely recommend every student, caught in the dilemma of selecting the right career to seek the services offered by illume! A heartly thank you to illume Global careers!

  • Pratham GhaelFormer student of DPS, Surat

    Illume has really helped me to know my inner self so that I can choose a perfect career for my life The results of the tests gave me a list of careers that I would excel in. Not only that , after the test , I was given a detailed account of the careers to which I should apply so that I can enjoy my careers. I would say that illume psychometric test has helped me to find a career that was made only and only for me.

  • Shaan MunshawShaan MunshawFormer student of EKLAVYA SCHOOL, Ahmedabad

    I came all the way to Surat in a hope that you guys would mitigate my confusions and I must congratulate you that I was not at all disappointed ! I loved your approach, your report and of course your counselling. Finally I have got the solution and I am very relieved!